Preparation Of Perfect Broccoli Pasta

• Bow tie pasta.
• Olive oil.
• Garlic (Finely chopped).
• Boneless Chicken pieces.
Broccoli Florets.
• Sun-dried tomatoes (packed in oil).
• Dried basil.
• Dried red pepper (crushed).
• Chicken broth.
• Dry white wine.
• Butter.
• Parmesan cheese.

• Boil pasta until it becomes reasonable soft.
• In large skillet heat oil, add garlic (do not make brown), add chicken (stir until not longer pink), add broccoli (stir until it becomes crispy).
• Stir in tomatoes, basil, and red pepper.
• Add broth and wine.
• Cook for several minutes. Stirring constantly (until the chicken is eatable soft). Garlic flavored Broccoli Pasta is about to Ready.
• Add hot pasta and chicken mixture, topping with cheese.

Here it is, Broccoli Pasta is Ready to Serve.

Enjoy Your Food!